Virtual Patient Observation

Helping Healthcare Systems with a Proactive Approach to Patient Safety


Savings Compared to 1:1 Bedside Sitter Program

Observed Patients per MedSitter Patient Safety Observer

Costs for Servers or Onsite Infrastructure

Software Features & Functionality

Reduce the burdens on your staff by minimizing the time observers use the technology and maximize the time they leverage it. 

Bi-directional Audio & Video

Communication is at its most effective point when people communicate face-to-face. With our bi-directional video & audio, the sitter and the patient can see and hear each other.

Motion Detection

Become more proactive: know when something “is” happening. Alternative approaches like bed exit alarms and virtual rails are reactive and tell you when something “has” happened.

Single Click Communications

Whether you are communicating with the patient directly, contacting their designated local clinician, or sounding an in-room alarm, doing so is as simple as a single click.


Far End Camera Control

MedSitter offers an array of tools to enable a sitter to remotely adjust their in-room vantage point of a patient: manual PTZ control, click-and-go, and automated person tracking.

Notes & Events

Collect notes and details about an active observation. Tag each note with an engagement reason, and include it in the observation event log that MedSitter intelligently collects.

Patient Dignity

Balance the fine line between needing to observe a patient and providing them with the semblance of privacy they deserve. With Privacy or Out-of-Room enabled, MedSitter’s visual intelligence can deliver active information to the sitter while obscuring the view.

Effortless and Mobile Experience

Bring the observation to the patient, not the patient to the observation with our mobile in-room patient monitor. This light-yet-sturdy equipment is easily moved into a room and provides the remote observer with the maximum vantage point.   

Communicate Across Languages

When a language disparity exists between the patient and their observing sitter, MedSitter offers tools to bridge the gap. Select a message in our pre-defined prompt library to present to the patient (Male or Female voices) or use our cross-language translation and synthesis to present a custom message to the patient in their preferred language. 

Greater Visual Intelligence

Vision isn’t just about “seeing”, it is about context. Having a semantic understanding of the patient environment helps the sitters in real-time, as well as program administrators to historically review incidents – adverse or otherwise.  MedSitter’s vision intelligence layer blends video, device control, people counting, object and facial detection to deliver practical features powered by cutting edge advancements in machine learning and vision intelligence.

HIPAA Trained Customer Care

In healthcare it is critical to know that the technology partner you select knows how to handle and care for you on a technical level, but also when it comes to data, PHI, and compliance. Our entire customer care team, as well as our development team, is HIPAA trained and certified. That means that if we encounter patient data, whether by accident or necessity, we know how to properly handle it. 

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