Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a sitting solution is no easy task. We get lots of questions that range from operations, to market, to technology. We’ve selected some of the more frequent questions we get from prospects and answered them here. 

What is your patient-to-sitter ratio?

We feel that the 10:1 ratio is the best both operationally and technologically.

We continue to partner with providers to ensure we have the correct ratio and don’t simply expand the ratio to make ROI or sales ratios look better.  

How long is your minimum commitment?

In contrast with other sitting technology, our minimum commitment is only 12 months. It is simply enough time that investments by both of our organizations make sense, but not so long that you feel trapped. 

Is there a minimum number of patients required?

No. However, to make practical sense from a return on investment perspective we recommend at least 3 or more patients.  

Do you have a proving period?

Yes. We offer a 30-day risk free proving period to allow organizations the opportunity to experience the offering with confidence. 

Contact us to see if this program is a fit for you!


What will my ROI look like?

Contact us. We’d love to work through that with you.

There are a number of variables and factors that need to be considered, but since MedSitter is an operational expense and not a capital expense, it is possible to see a return within the first month after deployment.

Does IDSolutions provide the sitter staff?

No. Although if your organization is seeking to entirely outsource the patient observation program we can make some introductions and recommendations to organizations that will provide the staff. 

Why do you say "Partner" rather than "Customer"?

For many organizations, “customers” equate to monetary transactions. IDSolutions believes strongly that all of our solutions are services and in order to deliver the best service we need to “partner” with providers and clinicians alike. It is a constant process of listening, creating, providing the service, and continuing to listen. We seek organizations that join us in this process.

How is MedSitter Priced?

MedSitter is priced as a monthly operational expense. No upfront capital is required. We price per concurrent patient capacity. 

For example, if you wanted the ability to monitor up to 10 patients, you would simply commit to 10 x our monthly price. 

Carts / Wall units are not uniquely tied to sites, patients, or stations and can easily be moved to provide coverage. 

If you’d like the reassurance of having on site standby equipment not associated to the concurrent capacity, we have a package for that as well!


"Inclusive Solutions"? What's the catch?

No catch! Our default offering is all inclusive. We include the core services, in-room patient equipment, hardware for the sitter station, documentation, support, product upgrades, audio prompts, and staff training.  

Note of transparency: If your needs exceed our core offering, we will consult with you on how best to achieve your requirements. If possible we will attempt to include that, however we will be as up-front as we can when it isn’t possible to include custom needs. 


What is your history in the "sitting space"?

IDSolutions has been building and supporting sitting solutions since 2014. Our first health organization went live with a hardware-based approach and later converted to our first software-based sitting application. They’ve not had a single fall with injury for patients under observation on MedSitter technology. MedSitter Web Edition is our latest offering in a fine pedigree of solutions.