MedSitter Mobile Cart

Engineered for simplicity and performance. Our in-room mobile cart is designed specifically for patient sitting and a clinical environment. 

The Equipment is Included

As part of the monthly subscription, all MedSitter equipment is provided, including both the mobile cart and the sitter station.  Along with the equipment, we provide all maintenance and warranty support.  Together this means no need to obtain capital budget approval, dedicated support staff, or warranty maintenance.  We will manage the devices and if something breaks, simply call up our Helpdesk staff and we’ll take care of it.

2-Way Video and Audio

The in room mobile cart enables the patient to see and hear the sitter in more natural and engaging conversation.

Clean, Wipe, UV

Cleanliness is essential in hospitals.  The MedSitter cart is purpose-built to allow for easy cleaning with modern hospital-grade cleaners and even UV.

Battery Backup

The mobile cart can self-sustain in the event of a power outage or the need to switch patient rooms. 

Touch Screen

A medical-grade touch screen display permits a clinical staff member to interact with MedSitter in a natural and seamless manner. 

Wired or Wireless

Our approach to network connectivity provides the maximum in flexibility. Observation sessions can be conducted whether the mobile cart has a wired or wireless network connection.

Stable and Quiet

The cart itself leverages a four-wheel base that balances the need of stability with that of a small footprint. The wheels are whisper-quiet, non-marking and can be locked to stay in place.

Mobile Cart Specifications

Overall Dimensions

Height: 70 inches

Display Width (widest point): 21.38 inches

Base Width (at widest): 17.5 inches

Base Depth (at deepest)18 inches

Weight: 52 lbs

Certifications (Frame): UL 60601



Integrated Microphones: 3 mic array

Range: 13.12 feet (4m)

Display (Screen)

Antimicrobial:  Yes

Cleaning: IP65 Easy to Sanitize; can be sprayed, wiped, and UV cleaned.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080p

Dimensions (WxHxD):  21.38″ x 13.78″ x 2.4″

Screen: 22″ 


  • Wall powered
  • Capacity for three (3) hot swappable batteries. 85Wh, 12.73v, 7,800 mAh.

Certifications: UL 60601

HD Camera

Resolution: 4k Capable, MedSitter leverages HD

Pan / Tilt / Zoom: Yes. 5x zoom

Field of View (FOV):

  • Diagonal: 120 degrees
  • Horizontal: 133 degrees
  • Vertical: 80.7 degrees



Adjustable Volume: to 95dB

Anti-vibration technology: to prevent distortion

Peak-limiting algorithm: prevents speaker clipping.

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